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I'm Ready for a Change...


I'm Thinking About a Career 180

I want to learn how Liz can help me create a career that fits my strengths, interests, and desired lifestyle. I want to feel confident that my next move is a great one. 

I'm an Entrepreneur at Heart

I want to learn how Liz can empower me to take the leap, from being an employee to starting my own business. I want to utilize my greatest strengths and interests and truly love my work.

"I redesigned my career to make BOTH my family AND me happy!" 

"After working with Liz, I gained clarity on what I wanted to prioritize: my love of dance. I thought that after having a baby, I would quit dancing, but I realized there's NO reason to! I'm now dancing more and am in three upcoming shows! I quit my desk job and I'm not only making more money, but I'm so much happier being a mom AND a ballerina and dance teacher. It's all been so rewarding! My son, Sammy, loves coming to rehearsal and is even invited to my curtain call/bows for the production of Cinderella! He makes his stage debut this month. Thank you, Liz!"

- Jessica, Professional Dancer


My Story


I thought I was going to be a broadcast journalist when I applied for college. Katie Couric was my idol. Looking back, I realize I wanted to interview fascinating people and ignite my curiosity about humans. However, after getting C's in my Psych and Philosophy 101 classes, coupled with fears of a) working a 4AM news shift in Fargo, ND and b) not making "enough" money to live my desired lifestyle, I redirected my studies to finance. At the ripe age of 21, with a desire to be a strong, independent woman, climbing the corporate ladder to a six-figure salary job sounded like it could be pretty exciting!

Corporate finance was exciting and shiny at first, but the luster wore off pretty quickly. Financial stability didn't feel so fulfilling when all I wanted to do in my free time was sleep and watch The Real Housewives of NY. 

Why was I so tired? Why did I feel so empty and lost when I did everything society told me to do to be successful?

I chose to lead with my desire for financial stability instead of my curiosity. It took guidance and support from others to do a lot of what I call "unlearning" to get me to where I am now.

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