The Up-Level Your Career Program is for you if you like your career, but you’re feeling stuck with little opportunity for growth. Liz will help you strategize different ways to move up or horizontally (within or outside your organization) and any skill/mindset gaps you may need to fill in order to get exactly what you want: the position, the raise and the life satisfaction.

In order to achieve success, Liz will build you an individualized plan that will provide you the guidance and support you need, each step of the way. Programs include:

  • Discovery - get to know you, your unique career path and the challenges you’re facing

  • Brainstorming - strategizing the ideal ways you want to progress in your career.

  • Planning - outline step by step, what you need to do in order to get to where you want to go

  • Execution support - troubleshoot challenges that arise when making big shifts in your life so we make sure you stay on plan and get to where you want to go!

“I got a great salary bump - Liz helped me build my case, adjust my mindset and ask for what I wanted! That raise covered much more than the cost of this program! Thank you, Liz!”

- Carrie, Up-level Your Career

“I realized I'm not at a company or in a role that is best for my strengths & needs. I now have clarity on what type of role I'm interested in moving forward and have made progress with applications/interview process. I also have a better sense of what I need to keep working on within my own mindset in order to make a successful career move.”

- Libby, Up-level Your Career

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Why Work With Liz?

Liz Traines, Career and Life Coach in Chicago.

In order to feel enthusiastic each day, we have to be growing, and when that next step or role isn’t clear, it diminishes our motivation and leaves us in status quo mode (in other words, boredom or overwhelm). Liz believes that you should love your work, no matter what stage of your career you’re in. It’s actually even more important when you’re in a leadership role because your mood impacts your team, A LOT.

Liz has both led teams and been a team player in her past career at Accenture. She understands the key issues people may face as they strive to make changes in their careers. She is an expert at negotiating in the form of money, title promotions, flexibility, horizontal moves, leadership changes and more. She is passionate about empowering her clients to maintain that edge on their careers so they can continue to learn, grow, and make an authentic impact on the world.

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