"Liz is incredibly intuitive, thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable and someone you feel comfortable telling anything to in order to achieve your goals. She’s great at what she does and was such a joy to work with! I would recommend Liz to anyone looking for a change in lifestyle. It’s not just for people looking to lose weight, it’s for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and soul."

Katrina, Advertising Strategy


"Together, Liz and I prioritized my goals and developed a step by step process that allowed me to achieve my goals in a comfortable timeframe. She held me accountable and increased confidence in my own problem solving skills."

- Carlye, Technology Consulting

"Liz always provides insightful information to look at my problems objectively; I can then tackle and resolve issues with a new perspective." 

- M, Marketing Professional

"Liz put herself in my shoes and asked me the questions I needed to think through in order to get my next career path started."

- Recruiting Professional

"Confidentiality and professionalism are two of Liz's core values. It made me comfortable working with her."

-Finance Professional