Hello my fantastic retreat ladies!

I am so excited to have you be part of this special day. It's going to be transformative and meaningful in so many ways. I want to make sure you have everything you need to prepare for the day, so here are the details! Please email me @ Liz@LizTraines.com if you have any questions. 




Schedule of Activities on Friday, August 18th, 2017:

8:45 AM - Welcome ladies/Intention Setting
9:00 AM - Yoga with Allison English
10:00 AM - Mindful Eating/Breakfast with Melissa Montigue
11:00 AM - Group coaching/Individual coaching with Liz
12:00 PM - Reflexology with Treesha DiGuido begins
1:30 PM - Lunch
2:00 PM - Group coaching/Individual coaching with Liz/Reflexology
3:00 PM - Finalize individual action plans
3:45 - 4 PM - Send off with Intention


Retreat Location:

Debi Lilly Loft
3050 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
The loft space (where we will be for the day) is above "A Perfect Event," the event planning/floral shop owned by Debi Lilly as well and shares the same street address. The entrance for the loft is just to the left (if you're looking at the building) or south of the shop entrance. 

Running late or can't find the space?

Call my cell: (847)826-8472

What to bring/what to wear?

  • You, your best energy, and an open mind that's ready to dream big:)
  • Yoga clothes/Athleisure outfit
  • Socks for after yoga, unless you want to wear shoes or go barefoot
  • If you tend to get sweaty during yoga (like I do), I recommend bringing a second set of comfy clothes to wear for the rest of the day
  • Sweatshirt/sweater if you run cold, tank top if you run hot
  • Overnight clothes/toiletries if you're traveling from out of town
  • I will be supplying journals and pens for each of you to take home, but if you have a special notebook/pen/journal you can't live without, bring it.

How else can I prepare my mind, body and spirit for the big day? 

These questions are optional, you are welcome to do as little or as much with them as you like. There is no right or wrong way to prepare.

  • Write down your expectations for the day. Based on where you are on your journey, what intention do you want to set?
  • Visualize how you want to walk into the retreat.
  • Visualize what a successful retreat looks like FOR YOU. 
  • Check in with yourself: Schedule 10-15 mins each day (preferably in the morning) to journal. How are you feeling? What are you looking forward to today? What are you dreading? What aspects of your job and weekends do you really enjoy? How much of what you enjoy at work depends on someone else's praise or approval of you vs. a deep sense of personal accomplishment or satisfaction? 
  • Have you had any "wild" career ideas in your life that sounded really fun/interesting to you, and someone (including yourself) maybe told you you couldn't do it? If you can't think of anything, go do something you wouldn't normally do (commute differently, take yourself out for breakfast before work, make something new for dinner, say hi to a stranger, get out of your normal).  

Other questions you may have:

  • Does the event start right at 8:45? YES - we have a lot to cover throughout the day, so it's really important you're right on time. Please make sure to set 3 alarm clocks (just kidding, kind of) and plan your transportation the night before.
  • Should I bring snacks/drinks or eat anything before I arrive? There will be a variety of yummy/nourishing snacks and drinks available all day (thinking makes you very hungry:)), but I do recommend eating something light before you arrive (anything that will sit ok in your stomach during yoga).
  • What if I have dietary constraints? Please email Liz@LizTraines.com with any dietary limitations or severe dislikes, ASAP, if you haven't already. 
  • Is DL Loft public transit accessible? It's not the most convenient to anything but the 11 Bus. So... I recommend using a ride share service called, Via. It's a $3.95 flat rate fare to and from most Chicago neighborhoods. If you're a new user, download the Via App, add your credit card and use my code: Liz4m7 to get $10 in free rides. Your credit card will not be charged, unless you take more than two rides. 
  • Is street parking available near DL Loft? There is Pay to Park for $2/hr along Lincoln Avenue and plenty of free residential parking on all surrounding side streets.
  • Is the loft space indoor/outdoor? Yes, depending on weather, we'll have the option to be outside (I'll take a group consensus:)). I will bring sunscreen just in case we all want some vitamin D.
  • Will I be able to touch base with you after the retreat? Each of you will receive 30-minutes of coaching with me within 14 days of the retreat.