The Redesign Your Career Program is for you if you’re ready for a change. At times, you’re overwhelmed by the magnitude of options out there, and yet, at times it feels like there’s nowhere else to go. Let’s stop the downward spiral of thoughts and get clear on your passions, purpose, strengths & values and how to translate them into meaningful work that pays the bills and allows you the freedom + peace of mind you want. You deserve to jump out of bed excited for work each day!

In order to achieve success, Liz will build an individualized 3-month plan, made just for you, based on her custom 4-step Career Redesign Process. Dedicated to providing guidance and support each step of the way, Liz meets with you up to 4 times/month, and is available via email, phone and text.

"You challenged my belief that "work is work" and I should resign myself to being moderately miserable. Your life experiences have a close parallel to mine so seeing your accomplishments encouraged me that it is indeed possible to shake things up. You are easy to talk to, understanding, and emotionally in check while still being able to approach things in a structured, result-oriented manner.”

-Melissa, New Business Owner (former Fortune 100 technology consultant)


The Investment

The“Redesign Your Career” Program starts at $1,500 and requires an "all-in" mindset
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Why Work With Liz?


Liz loves the thrill of a meaningful and exciting career; she also knows the importance of living a multi-faceted life with strong relationships, hobbies, and good old chill time. Her own experience balancing these aspects of her life is a work in progress, because as you know, life is always changing, but her dedication to living an integrated lifestyle is paying dividends in her life and business. She's passionate about helping people make that a reality for their lives and believes life is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed, behind a laptop all day. 

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Liz Traines, Career and Life Coach in Chicago.