Liz’s Approach


Getting to the next level of your career or make a big transition requires patience & thinking differently. If you are unwilling or resistant to change the thoughts that go through your head, your actions will not yield the results you want.

Liz’s coaching approach is a thoughtful balance of practical tips, strategic brainstorming and what she calls stretch questions that allow her clients to think in new ways and expand their perspectives in both work and life. Liz meets her clients where they are on their journeys and provides homework assignments after each session.

Her approach is rooted in the following principles and areas of study:

  • Health & Wellness: acute awareness of our body can help us identify exactly what we need in a given moment in order to make tough decisions & operate at peak performance. Liz tunes in with each of her client’s health & wellness routines to help them improve sleep, nutrition, exercise and strength of their relationships. She earned her wellness coaching certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016.

  • Behavioral Psychology: mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion, learned childhood patterns and the latest neuroscience tips are all part of Liz’s tool box. These tools help her clients get to the root cause of their challenges in order to prevent them from repeating the same patterns in the future.

  • Intuition, Joy & Empathy: Liz feels deeply and holds a healing compassion for her clients and their challenges. Her office is a 100% judgment-free zone. She believes that genuine empathy heals wounds and creates space for expanding joy that lives inside of each one of us. She has spent over 10 years building and maintaining connection to her own intuition and leading her life & business from a place of joy. She follows this same approach with her clients in order to help them find meaning, fulfillment and success.

Other fun facts about Liz and what makes coaching with her a unique experience, as she brings her whole self to all of her clients:

  • Liz earned her bachelors degree in finance from Boston University in 2007.

  • She spent a semester abroad in Paris studying French language, art and culture, while interning in marketing at a French cosmetic company. She continues to travel to Paris as it remains her second favorite city in the world, Chicago being her first:).

  • Liz worked on and managed global teams in Accenture finance and was accepted as a member of the Finance Development rotational program, a 3-year experience where she learned: how to embrace constant change, the power of professional relationships and about her passion for personal & professional development.

  • She became the global training lead for her finance organization’s 3-week “new joiner school” a position that ultimately took her to India to train 75 new employees from 14 different countries.

  • Liz also started the first global “Live Healthy Challenge” for her Accenture finance group, which engaged 500 people from allover the globe to participate in team walks, after work exercise (instead of happy hour) and mindfulness around nutrition. She brought people together via a newsletter, photo collage and inspiration to get moving that overall boosted morale and engagement.

  • She is a feminist who believes in equality of all humans - regardless of gender or race. She has fine tuned her understanding of what equality truly means on a practical level and has done the hard work to practice this in her work and in her own life. As she tells all her clients, she continues to be a work in progress, as she continues to learn from a place of empathy.

  • Education around gender (conscious and unconscious) bias & white privilege are foundational assumptions built into all of her programs and speaking engagements.