The Grow Your Business Program is perfect for you if you’re a passionate, driven entrepreneur who loves the work you do, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the business side of things (sales, marketing, finance, etc…). You started your business because you wanted autonomy, flexibility, financial freedom and the ability to help people. But you've run into some hurdles:

  • Not making enough money or your revenue/sales have plateaued

  • You’re overwhelmed by different ways to move forward, while it simultaneously feels like there’s no way forward

  • Feeling burnt out and uninspired and need an energy boost

Let's evaluate your sales, marketing and operations processes so we can make changes or tweaks to your business, so you can begin to:

  • Sustainably grow your revenue/sales

  • Fall in love with your work again

  • Spend quality time with your family and friends

  • Recharge your energy and gain inspiration to make an even bigger impact

“In less than two months of working with you, I acquired 6 new clients and doubled my rate!”

- Heather

“You are a good listener and provide support and ideas that might otherwise get lost in the overwhelm of running a business. Thank you for helping me identify my niche and getting my first high-paying client!”

- Marco, Business Owner

“The fact that you believe so much in what I do and are confident I can be successful with it really helps me and my mindset. There are many people who share their uncertainty about what I'm doing that sometimes it can make me question whether it's possible, but having you on my side no longer makes me feel that way. I already knew it was possible and having someone else who sees the values in the work I do is invaluable. And I’m on track to double my revenue this year!!!”

- Laura, Business Owner

Ready to take the next step to sustainably growing your business?

Why Work With Liz? 

Liz loves the thrill of building a thriving, meaningful and exciting business; she also knows the importance of living a multi-faceted life with strong relationships, hobbies, and good old chill time. Her own experience balancing these aspects of her life is a work in progress, because as you know, life is always changing, but her dedication to living an integrated lifestyle is paying dividends in her life and business. She's passionate about helping business owners make that a reality for their lives.

When we are born with entrepreneurial spirits and an awareness of our deepest passions, it can be hard to turn off the business, slow down and spend time doing other things. But variety in life is VITAL to our health, creativity, financial abundance, and ultimately our life satisfaction. Life is to be enjoyed, not stressed, behind a laptop all day. 

If any of this resonates with you, click here to book a clarity session with Liz!

Liz Traines, Career and Life Coach in Chicago.