An ideal summer would be...

Confidence in your bod, whether you're wearing a bathing suit, dress, or tank top
Strong relationships, self-compassion and NO FOMO
An exciting career full of growth potential
Running and stand-up paddle-boarding are your part of your weekly fitness routine
Enjoying summer BBQs & cocktails sans calorie guilt
Silky smooth, Sun-kissed (burn free) skin
Waking up rested and having enough energy to do all of the activities summer brings

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But then summer starts and reality kicks in...

  • Drinks, BBQs, and festivals = 24/7 bloat (see blimp stage left)
  • FOMO is in full action - how did you miss sailing with your work friends?
  • Transitioning from "weekend" to "working girl" is exhausting! You want to just be you at work!
  • Exercise = it's hot, you sweat everyday
  • Calorie guilt - you know the way you're eating isn't good for you
  • Skin feeling dry and maybe even a little more WRINKLED - eeeeek
  • Your go go go lifestyle is leaving you tired. Actually exhausted. 

Then you have a wakeup call.  You may get sick, decide to step on the scale or by chance try on your jeans...

NO WAY! Not the jeans!!!!

This awful feeling must go away. You get yourself to the gym - you kick your butt - you eat tons of veggies. You feel a little slimmer, but your body seems to be in shock. Bloated. Tummy hurts. Too many veggies. And then the cycle begins again...

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What would you do if this summer were different?

What if you were part of a group of fabulous ladies who work together to prevent this awful feeling from ever happening!?!

It would be fantastic wouldn't it? But ONLY if it's fun. Fun is key. 

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Join certified healthy lifestyle coach, Liz Traines (CHC), for a 6-week, small-group coaching program in Chicago's, River North neighborhood (location to be disclosed upon registration): 

Stay "Summer Ready" All Summer Long

Program features weekly meetings to share, connect, and learn:

  • Nutrition (think: delicious, accessible, whole foods that promote a balanced lifestyle) and leave you room to enjoy BBQs and cocktails without guilt and weight gain
  • Practice deep-breathing, self-compassion and living in the moment
  • Improve your career satisfaction
  • Fun outdoor exercise and activities to do (sans cocktails)
  • Taking care of your skin during the summer
  • How to get better quality sleep

Goal setting, check-ins, a supportive community of like-minded ladies + your Coach (Liz)) will guide you through the process. And after 6 weeks, you will be a better YOU!

Cost: Introductory rate of $257 if you sign up by June 23rd. Price will increase to $327 on June 24th. 
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Program dates: Sessions will run on Wednesdays from Wednesday, July 6th - Wednesday, August 10th. 

Session Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Location: Office space in Chicago's River North neighborhood (address to be disclosed upon registration).  

Other bonuses: 

  • Yummy snacks will be served at each session
  • A private Facebook group will also be used to connect with Liz and your fellow group coachees outside of your sessions
  • Weekly recaps will be provided via Facebook if you can't make it to a session

I can't wait to connect with you!

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Please reach out with any questions to

Curious about group coaching, but not ready to commit to the 6-week program? Join me for a free 1-hour group coaching session at 6:30PM at WeWork in River North to see if we're a fit. Sign up for either 6/29 or 6/30. Can't wait to see you!