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Webinar: (Re)ignite passion for your work, without quitting your job!

Webinar: (Re)ignite passion for your work, without quitting your job!


Are you feeling a lack of passion for your current role or organization? Feeling like your days have become stressful, monotonous and you’re constantly flirting with burnout? Dread when you get out of bed each day (or hit snooze 15 times)?

Let’s end all that and (re)ignite your passion for work (and life), without quitting your job!

I’m super excited to partner with Arch Career Partners for this webinar, designed to help you brainstorm and strategize how to bring more joy, fulfillment, purpose and passion to your work.

I’ll be sharing with you how to:

  • Take control of your career

  • Get clear on your strengths + values, and identify where you’re out of alignment

  • Learn new ways to increase fulfillment, connectedness + passion inside your organization

  • Other ways to improve your overall work/life balance

You’ll leave inspired with tangible steps to take in order to move forward on your career path. Make sure to show up live in order to ask Liz your questions during the Q&A.

Date(s): Thursday, March 14th, 12PM CST; Thursday, April 4th 7:30PM CST
Fee: $10 (replay available)