What is a coffee date? 
It's an opportunity to strategize with me, 45-mins, over coffee (or tea), for free: about your career, your goals, and what's getting in the way of you reaching them.

Where are they?
International - we can meet in person in River North or virtually on Zoom video. 

Who are they for?
People who are looking to:

  • Change careers

  • Up-level your existing career 

  • Start your own business

  • Grow your existing business

How do I sign up?
This link will take you directly to Calendly, an online scheduling platform that will give you a number of different time slots to choose from. This most likely will be the last coffee date of the year, so if you're on the fence, and free during any of these times this Friday, October 12th, click here to grab your spot. 

You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. 

P.S. Feeling intimidated about committing to a coffee date and perhaps word vomiting EVERYTHING  happening in your life? BTW, this feeling is totally normal. Or maybe you're not sure this will be worth your time? I got you. Check out what a few of my clients are saying: 

  • Melissa, who has decided to start her own business:

    • "Liz really spoke to my need for tangible progress and bringing organization and plainly defined next steps to a topic that is simultaneously very emotional. This is not to say she wasn't supportive in an emotional sense, because she definitely is, but the added benefit of her corporate experiences was a huge asset for my needs." 

  • Emily, who landed an awesome new job before her program was over!

    • "Liz listened so well and really heard what I was saying. It's amazing how comfortable she made me feel, but also pushed back when I started getting the "all jobs are awful" attitude."

Feeling better now? Good. I know you're ready... Grab your spot!