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Does this sound like you?

  • I'm feeling stuck in my career, unfulfilled, soul sucked, stressed, and ready to make big changes in 2018
  • I'm successful at my job (but humble), climbing the corporate ladder, and making good money but feeling miserable and/or unfulfilled
  • I know what I don’t like, but need to get clear on what I DO like and how to get more of it!
  • I feel like something bigger is out there for me, I believe I can make an impact, but I'm not sure what that looks like

Ready to stop thinking & feeling overwhelmed and start taking action? This program is for you!

New Year: Clarity and Confidence

Identify what you want and build the confidence to go after it!
With Career and Lifestyle Coaches Amanda Mausner and Liz Traines



We'll answer these questions so you can move forward:

  • What do you want?

  • Why do you want it?

  • What do your goals look and feel like?

  • What is missing from your career and life today?

  • What's holding you back from making a change?


The details - FAQs

Who is this for? You, the corporate professional who's realized that climbing the corporate ladder is not enough! There is something is missing and you're ready to discover and commit to more for yourself. 

What is "New Year: Clarity and Confidence" (NYCC)? This 6 week program meets weekly. Designed for you to discover what you want in your career and life and build the confidence to help you go after it. There are No LIMITS!

What's included in YNYE?

  • Weekly group coaching sessions (6 sessions total) 
  • (1) individual 30-min coaching session with your coach
  • Accountability from your peers and 2 of the best, most fun, coaches/guides to show you how to stick to your goals
  • Homework in between sessions

Where is the program held? Weekly meetings held virtually via Zoom video

When? Thursday Evenings, 7-8:15PM, starting Thursday, February 22nd through March 29th

The Investment? $795 up front, or $450 in 2 equal installments (Early bird $100 off if booked by 2/7/18)

Refunds? Sorry, we do not issue refunds. Read more about our refund policy and why it's important for you and us.

What tangibles results will I walk away from this program with?

  • Personalized guidance to help you build your life blueprint:
    • Discover your gifts
    • Clarity on who you are, what you want, and how to use your gifts
    • Define your top 5 characteristics that need to be present in your next job for job satisfaction
    • Build your mission statement
  • Accountability
  • Support from 2 coaches (who understand you) and a Private Facebook Group
  • New friends and peers who are going through the exact same thing you are

    Any Intangible results can I expect from the program?

    • Peace of mind
    • Motivation and inspiration to make 2018 your best year!
    • New Outlook on life and fresh perspective
    • Greater control of how to accomplish goals
    • More confidence that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey, and that you’re making progress towards where you want to go

    Meet Your Coaches!


    Amanda Mausner

    Amanda is a personal development and transformational coach/mentor, a creative entrepreneur, and a thought-leader. She helps ambitious men and women rewire their mindset, discover their purpose, and find fulfillment in their lives. 

    Her career began in the corporate world and has included sales, marketing, and consulting, but after years of missing something, she decided to take the leap into self-employment. Currently she is building her creative and personal development empire, which involves inspiring others to realize their potential and live life on their own terms. Amanda has a Master’s degree in Sociology, has completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, and is a lifelong teacher, facilitator, and student.

    Learn more about Amanda here...


    Liz Traines

    Liz is a career and lifestyle coach who has empowered dozens of her clients to love the work they do. Her signature 4-step career transition approach ensures clarity of purpose, confidence that anything is accomplishable with the right mindset and tools and that while the journey is the most important part of the transition process, it won't mean anything without tangible results.

    Liz's comes from a corporate background, where quickly excelled to the executive level of a global consulting firm. She loved the leading, mentoring and training side of her career, but not so much the number crunching and bureaucracy of a large company. She decided to take the leap into coaching, leading with the parts she loved, in 2015 and hasn't look back since!

    Learn more about Liz here... 

    How they Met

    A mutual friend and entrepreneur, Andrea, introduced Amanda and Liz after they had each taken their entrepreneurial leaps from corporate jobs into the personal & professional development world. They met at a cute little scone shop in Wicker Park, and quickly realized they were both seriously in need of a like-minded sounding board (i.e. another awesome, combo right/left brained, passionate, driven woman) to talk through all of the ideas they wanted to bring to the world. 

    The women had a lot in common and quickly developed trust in a situation where many would tend to steer clear of "the competition." Amanda and Liz believe that there is more than enough for all and that 2 brains + 2 hearts = 10 times the ideas and impact. Before they knew it, they were planning their first group program, literally the day they met. They are proof that living life on your own terms and leading with what you love, drives a whole lot more fun, sense of belonging, sources of inspiration and meaningful friendship (oh not to mention, they're making money having all this fun too)!