Authentically YOUR Career

Program Type: One-on-One Coaching w/Liz Traines
Duration: 3 months/6 months (depending on goals)

There are 168 hours in the week. Most of us spend about one-third of those hours focused on work, either getting ready for the day, commuting or actually performing our jobs. Since we dedicate such a significant amount of time to our careers, every aspect of our lives can be impacted. Our moods, sleep habits, nutrition, and stress levels, to name a few, ultimately impact our health.

If your career is leaving you feeling tired, stressed and unmotivated on a regular basis, like I was not long ago, I’m here to help!

This program is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • You are chronically tired and stressed from work
  • You dread Sunday nights and long for next Friday
  • Finances are keeping you from making any career changes
  • You feel stuck in your current career
  • You know that you are ready for a big career change but are unsure or scared to begin the process
  • You are second-guessing using the undergrad/graduate degree that you worked so hard to earn
  • You have a very well-respected job that your friends and family say you’d be crazy to leave (but you know you’re unhappy)

Together, we will develop a plan of attack to conquer whatever your current career pain points are. I've battled many of them myself and seen many with my clients. I have proven strategies to either improve your current situation or to empower you to make the changes you dream of.

  •  2 - 45 minute face to face or virtual (Skype) sessions each month
  • 4 email checkins each month
  • Goal setting/planning/educating how to meet those goals
  • Meeting summary and motivational emails, articles, worksheets for self-reflection
  • Email me with any questions you have during the program

6 months = $250/month fee or $1500 total*
3 months = $275/month fee or $825 total*
*10% discount when total fee is paid in full on the first day of your program

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