What are you going to quit in 2019?


Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a great start - I don’t know about you, but I was SO ready for a fresh start!

I’ve spent a bit of time reflecting on 2018 and setting intentions for 2019 - I have more I plan to do, so don’t fret if you haven’t started - you are not alone! A little bit of focus can go a long way - take 30 minutes today to just focus on you!

For my clients, instead of focusing heavily on specific accomplishments, I’m encouraging them to focus on desired feelings (i.e. getting specific and intentional about how you want to feel about work and life because in reality, accomplishing any goal is associated with a desired feeling). For instance, many people choose fun, love or joy as a feeling! This is something you can do whether you’re a business owner or employee, and checking in at the end of each month can be a really good way of mapping how you’re doing.

I find this method to be super effective because it opens us up to achievements we never thought possible (i.e. speaking opportunities, new exciting jobs, promotions, love, deeper friendships, etc…). It makes it feel like they kind of fell from the sky!

This “feelings-based” approach comes from a foundational belief that assumes the things that bring you JOY/positive emotions are your superpower. They’re your energizers, motivators, cheerleaders, and your unique ability to discern what is right for you and your unique path. It also assumes that following this joy links directly to your natural (and inevitable) desire for growth, something built into each and every one of us.

While it’s empowering and super fulfilling to follow this way of living, it requires saying no and quitting when something (or someone) is no longer serving us. This is where the tough stuff comes in - our culture encourages us to just “stick it out,” finish the book, keep plugging away at jobs we hate, get the promotion (even though we really don’t want our boss’ job), etc…. We just keep going, instead of tuning in to ask ourselves what we DO need in order to start creating more enjoyment and meaningful accomplishment in our lives. AND a lot of the time, it’s just tweaks that are needed - not a life overhaul!

So I invite you to ask yourself, what will you quit or say no to in 2019 in order to make room for exciting accomplishments in 2019?

Even things as small as: replacing watching the news with reading a good book (because the news is seriously depressing), complaining about work for more than 2 minutes, or a more difficult one, telling a friend or loved one that something they said hurt you and you’d like to start the year off with a clean slate.

Sky’s the limit, but choose something. Take baby steps - you’ll feel so much more fulfilled in 2019.

Wishing you lots of love and good health in 2019!

Liz TrainesComment