Step 2: Define Your Authentic Version of Success

Nikita Kachanovsky   @nkachanovskyyy    Follow      Nikita Kachanovsky     Define your version of success with your core values with Liz Traines

How do you define what success looks like for you?

Do you find yourself comparing your own accomplishments to your friends or colleagues? Maybe you’re gauging success based on external factors like money, rank and material possessions. While none of these success metrics are bad, they can lead to thoughts like, “I thought I’d be able to afford a house by now”, or “I thought I’d have kids at this stage of my life,” or competitive thoughts like “how in the world did my coworker jump so far ahead of me at work?” etc… and when we give too much power to these thoughts, they get bigger and can be damaging to our self esteem, energy and overall life satisfaction.

Why? Because you’re basing your success on external factors - circumstances that sit “outside” of ourselves, that we have absolutely zero control of.

I’ve been there, done that (A LOT), and invite you to explore a more fulfilling way to live - it’s called Defining Your Authentic Version of Success from within YOU (internally)!

How do you do this?

  1. Align your version of success with your own core values - the things that matter most to you, as an individual.

  2. Choose 5-7 core values from the list below

  3. Define what those values truly mean to you and why you chose them (values can shift, giving life circumstances, so don’t get to fixated on making sure they’re lifetime commitments)

  4. Then start evaluating your decision-making process from those values

This process will allow you to start feeling more satisfied and fulfilled with your own life. You’ll also stop caring so much about what other people think of you, and will be focused on staying in our own lane!

One of my favorite mantras to live by is to “compare yourself to no one other than you, yesterday.” Focus on your progress and no one else’s - otherwise you end up distracted and frustrated again.

So I invite you to define your core values and start making small tweaks to your career and life. Have fun with this!


As an example, here are the top 5 values that I live by:

  • Authenticity: acting in alignment with my gut/feelings helps me identify what’s most important to me

  • Balance/Self-Care: exercise, nutrition, therapy, journaling helps keep me strong, focused and in tune with my core values

  • Compassion: we are all equal and capable of A LOT when we can get through our fears

  • Growth: we inevitably grow a little each day if we remain authentic - this implies growth in our relationships, careers and finances

  • Hope: despite all of the fear/turmoil in the world, I choose to remain optimistic, trusting and have faith in humanity

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