Real Pride Comes from Within


I’ve been feeling a deep sense of gratitude for all that I’ve been given; my existence as an able-bodied, white woman alone is a privilege, not to mention, my college education, world travels, corporate career, entrepreneurial experience, and the list goes on...

I am also proud of myself, for what I’ve built, but more importantly, for who I’ve become. It wasn’t easy. It takes courage to get to know, love yourself and live in alignment with your values (aka who you truly are, not what society wants you to be).

I think many of us have tiny voices inside of us, telling us to go do something different, new, exciting, scary, etc… but we don’t do it. It scares us too much. Leaving the comforts of a “more certain” or “normal” life is hard! But will you regret not trying? Or will you not even have the chance to regret because the feelings of longing will bury so deep inside of you that you forget they were ever there in the first place? I hope not…

I hope you try.

A little bit each day.

And I hope you fly.

But I also hope you fail.

Because that’s how we know we’re trying.

And when we try, we are learning and growing.

And as we learn and grow, life gets so much sweeter (for ourselves & others).

I have had some major “pinch me” moments over the past few weeks that I’m really proud of, both of which took courage:

  • Getting published in Thrive Global, the very publication that showed me life could be different (it was called The Third Metric back in the day and was the inspiration for me starting my first blog, The Periwinkle Perspective) - I didn’t have to live in burn out mode all the time, I could be happier, enjoy my work & life and redefine what success meant to me. Pretty surreal.

  • I also wrote an article for The Glu recently, and led a LeanIn workshop about gender and minority bias, awareness and taking action. Even a few months ago, this would have scared me beyond belief. Like who am I, a white woman, to talk about this topic? It’s amazing what happens when you say “yes” to your curiosity and see where it takes you.

And while all of this is really cool to say, the real meaning for me comes from reflecting on how far I’ve come. I was the little girl in class who the teacher always said was quiet. My report card comments consistently encouraged me to ask more questions, but I couldn’t. I vividly remember sitting in my classroom, being so afraid to raise my hand. These accomplishments for me are a true measure of not only “hand-raising,” but constant question asking, thirstless curiosity and a desire to make change where it’s needed. I now dig to understand “why” and am no longer afraid of “not knowing the answer” or perhaps “looking stupid.” That little girl is still inside of me… and she comes out on occasion, but she is so much more fearless than ever before.

These accomplishments symbolize breaking through my fears to become a truer version of myself. I share all of this because when we recognize the gratitude and pride associated with our own journeys, we are automatically more loving and empathetic towards others. #pride

What are you proud of accomplishing so far this year? Or in your life? What’s the thing inside of you, yearning to come out? What do you want to do in this lifetime? If I can muster up the courage, so can you. I’d love to hear from you, so please share in the comments if you want some love.



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