More flow... less force...

Photo: Edu Lauton

Photo: Edu Lauton


You know that feeling when things just come easy? Like everything is happening just the way you want it!? It’s feels like bliss, or something I call “flow.” Maybe that term represents things that come naturally to you, or are easy and just feel good when you’re done with them. It may be something you only feel on vacation, or perhaps not at all (don’t fret).

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, how much “force” is there in your life? Those things that you just DON’T WANT TO DO! You procrastinate until the end of the earth to not have to do them. Maybe they’re things you’re not good at, OR, more likely, are mentally or emotionally difficult. There are many reasons why things can feel “forced” and difficult. Maybe you don’t believe you can actually accomplish the task, maybe you need to have a difficult conversation with someone and you hate conflict, maybe something feels unethical or doesn’t make sense, and your boss is still insisting you do it?

When we get to a point in our lives where the force too much outweighs the flow, we start to feel really crappy. It becomes hard to sleep, eat right, exercise, etc… Our stress levels go off the charts!

But at any point in time, we can choose to face the “force” moments and lovingly ask ourselves why they’re so difficult. What is at the root of this challenge? Is there a way I can let go, just a little bit?

Whatever your source of force, I can guarantee that when you face it, it will result in more flow, ease, growth and even an increase in your (emotional or financial) bank account too!!

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