I was burned out. My heart would race the moment my alarm went off. The struggle began.

I'd shower, throw on a lackluster outfit, apply under-eye concealer to my raccoon eye circles, grab a breakfast bar and run out the door with wet hair (in the cold) to make it in the office for my 8am call.

Everyday. Unless I worked from home and let's not even get started on what those mornings looked like (yeah, 6am conference calls in bed, ugh).

I'd run from meeting to meeting, always feeling rushed, behind and honestly, like a fraud (even after 8 years at a company)!!

I was lucky if I was done working by 7, but so many nights I'd go back home and work late into the evenings.

Pumpkin spice Americano's (yes, lattes had too many calories, so I'd add my own splash of skim), fancy dinners, health insurance and other corporate perks felt like enough "good" in my life. I'd get just enough rest and social interaction on the weekends and evenings to feel like I checked that box... But I was running on fumes all the time, my weight constantly fluctuated, I had horrible anxiety and nightmares about spreadsheets that wouldn't balance...

Yeah.... this was no way to live, and it was my normal. Not fun.

Until I woke up. Like really woke the F up. I said ENOUGH of this - actually my therapist helped me see it. Thank goodness for her mirroring back to me the daily suffering I was putting myself through, just to live my "normal life." Something clicked in my mind that this life was 100% a choice. There had to be better, and I was the only person with the power to make that happen.

And thank goodness, I committed to better.

And let me tell you, MUCH BETTER exists! And it's full of fantastic things like:

  • Work you love. That feels meaningful, impactful and like you've truly tapped into your passion!

  • Relationships that feel authentic and fulfilling - like you can truly be yourself.

  • Earning money that aligns with your personal values and allows you freedom to do the things you want!

  • Living to your fullest potential and feeling like you're on your path

  • You get to use your creativity (everyone has it and it's vital to tap into it)!

  • Enjoying your cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning to the fullest, or treating yourself to a REAL LATTE (yes, calories are not the devil)!!!

  • No more Sunday scaries

  • Time to workout, rest and take care of your body

  • And whatever else you want!!!

If you are ready to learn how to make your version of better a reality in your life, grab your seat for my free upcoming webinar: Buh-bye burnout!

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