Fall is a time for letting go...


I am SO feeling these fall vibes in Chicago. And it's not just about the honey crisp apples, pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters and snuggling with Stan man on the couch after some good play time in park; I am also fully embracing the symbolism behind the "leaves falling" - the letting go of what's no longer serving me. And let me tell you, "letting go" is NOT my strong suit. There's a certain vulnerability (& REST) required to admit that what you once knew to be true is no longer working. Even if you don't say it out loud, these moments of reckoning can cause inner turmoil. Screaming? Tears? Burnout? Throwing our hands up saying "I'm done pretending that I have any answers!!?" Yeah, I've experienced all of these lately and I'm 99% sure there's more of that to come. So I'm taking it slowly but surely, setting boundaries and paying close attention to my energy levels.

While these times can feel inconvenient, & difficult, they're a whole lot easier when we remind ourselves that we're ALL going through something - letting go is part of the human experience. And what's exciting is that letting go makes room for us to look at the world, our relationships and our work through a new lens. Renewed perspective. A new peace of mind. And that's what makes life worth living (IMHO).

Lots of love Xx


P.S. If you are burned out, struggling to get out of it or are worried it's going to come back as we head into the holiday season, grab your seat at my next webinar: "Bye Bye Burnout!"

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