What if fun was your personal KPI? (4 Min Read)

What if fun was your personal KPI (key performance indicator)? In other words, the more fun you have, the more successful you'll be.

Before you say, WTF, let's first define success:

Success   =

Meaningful & Satisfying work  
Strong Relationships  
Happy & Healthy Mind/Body/Soul for You & Your Loved ones  
Financial Stability

So what if you made a conscious decision to Lead with Fun, every damn day? Each time you have the opportunity to add something new to your life, you ask yourself, "would this be fun to me?" If not, you politely say no thank you, even if there's substantial income or social status involved.

Sound difficult? I feel ya. However, the trick to not questioning your decision is to know yourself quite well: are you in touch with your gut intuition? Are you comfortable saying "no" to anyone? Do you trust that there are other opportunities out there that will align better with your skills and interests? These answers need to be a resounding HELL YES!

I've been living this way for the past 2.5 years, thanks to my therapist who recommended simplifying my unnecessarily complicated decision making process. It has definitely taken me time to adjust to this abundance (vs. scarcity) mindset, and it still scares me at times, but it's been truly rewarding from a personal and financial standpoint. You can have fun, do meaningful work AND make money.


But how? Here is my 3 Step process:


Step 1: Preparing to make future decisions. It's important to take a minute to define what "fun" means to you. This takes some personal reflection, but if I can do it, you DEFINITELY can. I've grouped fun into 3 sources - Connection, Creativity and Adventure, under which I share some examples of activities that are fun for me (most of the time). Yours will look different, but use the "CCA" template to get organized:

  • Connection
    • Quality sleep, exercise, meditation, journaling, vegetables, and yoga keep me connected to myself
    • Listening to people/truly hearing and seeing them
    • Spending quality time with friends and family
    • Meeting new, interesting people
  • Creativity
    • Brainstorming and executing new ideas
    • Leading with curiosity and questions
    • Serving/providing value to more people drives more income**
  • Adventure
    • Visiting new countries, states, neighborhoods, museums, etc...
    • Spending time in nature, by or on the water
    • Walking/playing with my dog
    • Embracing uncertainty (this takes pushing, but leads to fun:))

Step 2: Gain awareness of past decisions that no longer serve you. I invite you to be honest with yourself, how often do you find yourself saying "I should do Y, but I really don't want to" and then you do it anyway? Living life on "should do's" is neither fun, nor rewarding. It can even cause you to feel totally out of control and lost. Of course, we have to do some things we don't want to do, but my point here is to identify the frequency of "should's" in your life.

Step 3: Replace the "SHOULD'S" with "WANTS!!!" At times, it may feel like a curse, but you are in the driver's seat of your life and you get to choose what you commit to. What's super cool is that you can ease into the mindset shift, RIGHT NOW. You don't have to do it all at once. I actually would recommend taking it slowly (the excitement of living this way can feel like being hit by a ton of happy bricks; it's empowering).

Here's a simple example (aka simple is a good place to start):

Should: I should go to the gym, but I really don't want to.

Want: I want to relax. I'm really tired from the work week.

Solution: What if you truly relaxed? Meditated? Dropped the technology? Listened to music or read a book? Painted? Maybe you need a nap or to go to sleep early? Feeling too guilty about no physical activity, how about taking a walk or stretching?

The key here is to listen to your intuition and take care of yourself. You are not lazy; there is a reason your body doesn't want to be in the gym right now. Do a little digging to figure out what sounds better or even good!

Evaluating and taking action of your decisions will empower you to live the life you want vs. the one that may no longer feel so satisfying. Remember, your actions are all a choice. Start small, be consistent and it will become automatic! 

Like the Lead with Fun idea? Contact me about my new program or comment below with your thoughts! xoxox ~Liz


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