Why invest in a coach when you can read a self-help book? (3 min Read)

Some of my FAVE Self-Help Books!

A frustrated career change client of mine recently asked during our clarity session, "How is investing in a coach or attending a retreat different than reading a self-help book? I've tried so many different things, nothing sticks." I said, good question... because a good coach meets you where you are on your journey and customizes a program to your specific needs. A book can't do this; you are responsible for the customizing. I thought more about how I'd elaborate if my client wasn't satisfied with my first answer, because, it's a good question. So here goes:

How many self-help books have you read? Personally, I've lost count and I love them because they serve a number of purposes for me:

  • Inspiration and Encouragement (to keep going and dream big)
  • Education
  • Perspective
  • Normalization (aka comfort in knowing you're not alone)
  • Support (many authors have online communities and events)
  • Accessible price point

So yes, books RULE! But some common challenges you may face:

  • Do you actually take action and do what you say you're going to do?
  • Do you complete all the activities? Or do you kind of half-ass them and shift your goal from "lifestyle change" to "finish the damn book" (I know, who would do that? ;) )
  • Does applying new principles to your life become a #1 priority? 
  • Do you finish the book? 

Most people say "no" to a lot of these questions, so nothing changes, duh.

But if you answered "yes" to these questions and haven't witnessed the transformation you want in your life, let's dig deeper:

  • How badly do you want the change? Do you believe it's possible?
  • Why do you want this change?
  • Are you clear why your other attempts haven't worked?
  • Do you have someone to share all your ideas and challenges with in order to avoid decision/analysis paralysis?
  • Do you question whether the author is speaking to you? Maybe something feels a little off?
  • How much fear and resistance is in your psyche, keeping you safe, but might actually be sabotaging your efforts?
  • Are you playing small?
  • Do you have someone to call you out on your excuses or to challenge your rationale?
  • Do you have an unbiased person who has your best interest at heart to make sure you get what you want, as quickly as possible, without risking your own authenticity?

Any of this resonate with you? If the books aren’t working for you, the overarching question here is to ask yourself:

Are you ready to go big, dig deep and make your transformation happen?

A good coach, who you feel TOTALLY GETS YOU, has something big that you want, and you TRUST has a solid plan to get you there, can help you answer the important questions that are holding you back. A coach acts as a mirror and an advocate to help you see yourself and your vision more clearly, so that it can transform from a vision to your reality.

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