Summer Camp and the Magic of Morning Intentions

Hi loves!

Last week ended my vacation and first adult summer camp experience, at Camp GLP. Let me say, it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Liberating. Relaxing. Fun. Inspiring. Comforting. Frickin’ fabulous!!

Many of you have been asking… what were my days like? What were my key takeaways? What made the experience so special? I’ve taken some time to reflect with my family and friends and processed enough to consolidate my experience into a human friendly story format for you:). Here it goes...

I’ve been curious about podcasts for a long time; they're free, supposedly educational and entertaining, but I never had time for them - until a friend, with fab coaching skills, suggested I add it to my morning routine. 

One day a week. A way to intentionally add inspiration to my day.

I said, ok! That seems simple enough… Thursday will be my podcast morning and I’ll pump up the volume on my iPhone and use it while I’m getting ready for my day.

What started with “Magic Lessons,” by Liz Gilbert (a fantastic human), led me to wanting more…

On my ravenous search, I found The Good Life Project podcast, created by entrepreneur and personal development guru, Jonathan Fields. This man is a genuinely real, humble, kind, compassionate person. He has a “fierce” dedication to developing community while encouraging people to discover and live their unique version of “a Good life.” He also believes in the importance of capital and how profitability can drive more Good. I say “can” because without intentional, carefully planned use of capital, the Good can quickly head south.

The awesomeness of camp in a nutshell. Literally my favorite dark chocolate covered almonds.

The awesomeness of camp in a nutshell. Literally my favorite dark chocolate covered almonds.

Knowing Jonathan and I have similar values has made the podcast interviews extra meaningful. They hit me at my core. They comfort me in times of questioning, fear, and excitement (yes, happiness can drive the need for comfort too) as I navigate on my journey through career, lifestyle and mindset transformation.

Pause… Hold the phone (literally). 


Call it whatever you like: 

Magic, Synchronicity, Spirit, Fait, Connection, Intuition... Umami?:)

But when I heard about the opportunity to go to Camp GLP, meet Jonathan and so many others, I couldn’t say no. The price tag would have to work for me because I knew it would be amazing… And it was!

Camp allowed me to witness, participate, and feel the mind, body and soul blowing energy of this community.

It all began with the nostalgic sense of freedom and adventure... The feeling I’d get as a kid spending summers at camp in Northern Michigan. {Joyful} tears immediately filled my eyes as I walked up to my new friend, Sarah, who was there to greet me with bubbles (literally, a bucket of bubbles and a giant wand). I was a pro - who knew I had such giant bubble making talents? Confidence boost!

From there, the thoughtfulness of the arrival/check-in process was like walking into a 5-star hotel, but felt real and genuine (and no, it wasn't fancy). The welcoming crew was there because they had been through the experience before – they truly, deeply wanted to be there and to help me feel a level of comfort most don’t experience outside their home. And boy, did I feel it!!!

The genuine friendliness and realness of the people (staff and campers) continued throughout our 3.5 days together… Everyone was there to meet new people, learn, grow, share and HAVE FUN (sans alcohol).

It was a place to completely let your guard down.

To be the truest, most authentic version of you.

Through an abundance of laughter, tears, healing, fear and relief shared by so many people throughout the weekend, I re-ignited a part of me I thought was long gone (and honestly a part of me that I forgot even existed). Not to mention, the singing and dancing to 80s hits was a big culprit, but the meaningful conversations, walks around the lake, meditation, yoga, personal and professional development workshops, stargazing, and journaling all confirmed that I am on my authentic journey. I am where I’m supposed to be. For this experience, I am grateful.

And it all started with one new morning habit.

One morning intention to try something new that I thought would inspire me. I did it. It disrupted my typical thoughts throughout the rest of my day {in the best way possible} and forced me to focus on building new experiences, trying more new things. I made small shifts from the comfortable to the slightly uncomfortable, that ultimately led to my spectacular camp experience.

What intention/routine do you want to add to your morning? Do you need some accountability, support or ideas? Sign up for my workshop to get focused and take action! The virtual workshop will be coming soon for the out of towners:).