Stress Less, Live More!

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Hello my loves!

Happy first September Friday (woah!). Hope you're looking forward to a little R&R filled holiday weekend. In preparation for an unwind and a little fun in the sun, I thought it would be perfect timing to talk about your relationship with job stress. 

How do you feel when you come home from work each night? 

  • Does it feel like you're running on empty? Or fumes? And anything that you need to accomplish that evening feels like moving a ton of bricks?
  • Dinner!?! Why can't it magically appear on the table? And be healthy and taste really good?
  • Did you make it to the gym or move your body in some way? Ugh… there’s always tomorrow.
  • How about the flood of emotional vomit that attacks your significant other when asked the question, “How was your day?” 
  • And, oh crap, what about finishing that work that's due tomorrow? If only you could start getting more than 6 hours of sleep one of these days.

Does any of this sounds like you? Are "Sunday Scaries" keeping you awake? If they are, there is hope. However, YOU are the only one that can put an end to it! 

The proverbial glass jar (that you, as a human, possess) perfectly illustrates how I think about stress and boundaries:

Throughout life, you add rocks to your jar. Rocks are a variety of large physical and emotional responsibilities, like friends, family and career, etc... 

You also add sand to your jar, which occupies the cracks between the rocks. These are smaller responsibilities, or things that support the big rocks. (i.e. grocery shopping, commuting, cleaning the house, etc...).

As your jar fills up with rocks and sand, your stress levels increase – you (a human, yes you are:)) can only handle so many responsibilities. Thus, as we grow older, the importance of letting go of rocks and sand become increasingly important.


Because I firmly believe that in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied in life, you need to continue growing and learning. You also need to have fun and experience pure joy on a regular basis!

First, you need to be clear on what growth, fun and joy mean to you. This takes work, and sometimes requires emptying the overflowing jar in order to uncover your truths. Once you do it, you awaken your desire for growth and realize that growth is challenging too. It can be stressful, even when you really want it. And how about the fun and joy? Both can be difficult to find when you are too stressed or hold too much responsibility in your jar. 

So... If your jar is approaching full, overflowing, or has already exploded, and you are looking for change or growth, below are a few ways to remove some sand/rocks from your jar. Start small!

  • Meditate to increase calm and clarity. This will help you remove the items from your jar that are no longer of use.
  • Identify the tasks that are hindering your growth (and create a delegation plan)
  • Put your well-being first: move your body, feed yourself nourishing foods and take breaks to walk and clear your mind
  • Journal your feelings, emotions, goals and progress to stay focused on your priorities

Do you want more tips on how to let go of your stress at the end of the day so you can feel more calm, relaxed and satisfied with your life? Join my workshop on Wednesday, September 1st at 6:30 PM at WeWork River North.

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Sending lots of love, positive and calming vibes to you on this holiday weekend!