I'm Freeeee Fallin'

Hi friends -

Happy 4th of July!

So I'm beginning to notice a trend... I love my newsletter titles to be songs, especially if they evoke images of Tom Cruise in his pre-Oprah couch jumping days... the days of him in white oxfords, the days of him "completing" women's (and men's) lives in more ways than one.  

Today, I'm thinking about freedom and independence (and about the gold fireworks I can't wait to see tonight!). Cliche, I know, but when else are we going to reflect about it? Though the US is by no means perfect, we are lucky to live in a country (I know a few of you are following from different countries and in some cases, it's the same for you, but in some it unfortunately is not) where we have the power and ability to :

  • Speak our minds (though there can be backlash, freedom of speech is legal)
  • Think about and execute our creative ideas
  • Start our own businesses
  • Breathe fresh air and drink readily available clean water
  • Enjoy well-functioning metropolitan infrastructures
  • Make our own decisions
  • Design our lives to our individual preferences
  • Travel to other countries, far and wide (in many cases, U.S. passports enable us to travel without visas or other expensive, labor-intensive paperwork that other countries require)

...And many more.

Travel has given me the gift of perspective - I'm grateful for these freedoms because I know that they are not assumed. I do my best to take full advantage of them. I also know how easy it is to get sucked into fear... fear inducing media... fear of change... fear of the unknown. The fears literally shut down our creativity and in a lot of cases prevent us from fully living our freedom and authentic lives. 

My patriotic pup, Stanley. <3

My patriotic pup, Stanley. <3

Take the time today to think about the things you've wanted to do, have the freedom to do, but something has been stopping you... Traveling to a new country? Launching a blog? Starting that side business you've been thinking about for years? And go for it! Get focused, face those fears and kick 'em in the butt.

Have a free fallin', safe, firework-filled 4th of July!


Liz and Stan (stage right--->)



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