It's My Life!

Hi friends!

Trying out my post on a Thursday this week. Hope you enjoy!

As a coach, I talk to a lot of people everyday. I live for it - I truly love these real, engaging conversations about health, relationships, career success, authentic living and so much more. It's still a bit surreal that this is my career. I'm so grateful. 

As I've been chatting with people, I recently noticed a theme. I call it problem minimization. People say their problems aren't "REAL issues" or they're "first world problems..." in other words, they're not important. So why should we try to fix them? Time focused on fixing or healing the problems can cause guilt, shame, fear of being called selfish or the worst, a fear of uncovering something that may be difficult to handle. What do I mean by this you ask? Here are some examples of what I hear:

  1. "My life feels like a hamster wheel. There's just so much to do everyday and I feel like I never get it all done." 
  2. "Making decisions is difficult so I tend to defer to others or just say 'yes'."
  3. "I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. People have much bigger problems, so I can deal with this one."
  4. “I get stomachaches a few times a month (or week); my doctor says there’s nothing wrong with me, so I just deal with it and take a lot of antacids..”
  5. "I know I should eat healthy, and kind of feel guilty that I don't, but I never have time to plan my meals."
  6. "I don't have time for yoga and/or meditation. I know it would help me though."
  7. “I dread Sunday nights... but doesn't everyone?"
  8. "I want to start my own business, but I like the people I work with and have good health insurance with my current job. I should be happy with what I have."

These are very REAL everyday problems that so many of us face. Minimizing them, instead of addressing them, prevents us from becoming better versions of ourselves.

I am very well aware that there are serious issues going on in our world; from starving people, to human trafficking, or the thousands of innocent people killed by guns each year (to name a few), there are MANY injustices in our world.

But what do you think would happen if we could heal our minds and bodies of the "smaller" problems so that we could feel our best?

What if we gained mental clarity and increased our energy to ultimately live the life of our dreams?

What if we cleared our fabulously valuable minds of the (unproductive) thoughts?

Negative body image, calorie counting (which, btw, is a full time job), feeling guilt, nausea, frustration, fear of the future, FOMO, anxiety and so many other emotions that take up our mind space and time and all typically result in inaction. 

Imagine what could we do with ALL that time and energy?

The answer: A LOT! 

We would be much more fulfilled, internally grateful, and driven to dedicate more of our time and energy to aiding the BIG problems in our world. 

Now how does this all relate to Bon Jovi? I'm corny, and have finally grown to own the corniness in its entirety. This was the first concert I ever went to in high school (aside from the B-bash) and I kind of fell in love with an older man. I loved his confidence and inspiring lyrics... ok, and the tight jeans and the hair... he had the "man bun" of the 80s!!! After reading this, you probably think I'm a 50 year old woman - I'm promise, I'm only 31. 

Anyways, the song says, "IT'S MY LIFE - IT'S NOW OR NEVER, I AIN'T GONNA LIVE FOREVER." It stuck with me and revs me up when I need some revving, so I must share with you.

I encourage you to pump up your Bon Jovi, make the change you deserve, and remind you that no one will do it for you. It's YOUR Life, you get to live it YOUR authentic way, AND we really don't have forever. So what are you waiting for?



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