Have a Fab Holiday Weekend (Without Feeling Like Crap on Tuesday)!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
It’s the unofficial start of summer! Are you ready for it? I sure am! I've been extra grateful for warm evening dog walks and al fresco dining! 

I hope you’re doing something special this holiday weekend. Whether you’re vacationing, BBQing, or just curling up with a good book by the pool, I’m assuming that food and drinks will be part of your weekend, and maybe a little stress if you’re hosting, driving, or flying somewhere. No matter what your situation, below are a few tips I recommend for you to fully enjoy your holiday weekend!

My tips for fully enjoying a long holiday weekend
(without feeling like crap on Tuesday)!

  • Drinks are fab... until we wake up hungover
    • Remember to have a glass of water in between drinks. This will prevent not only dehydration but also keep you from losing all inhibitions (aka making bad food, drink, and in some cases, life decisions). Limiting your drink intake can also help you sleep better since alcohol can disrupt the sleep cycle.
  • Food is delish! Until you wake up with a bloated, guilty feeling
    • It’s a holiday, you’re going to want to enjoy some splurge items, but try to stay mindful and pace yourself. I like to follow the one-plate rule at a BBQ: take everything you want on one plate and then stick to veggies + dips (guacamole, hummus, black bean, watch the creamy ones – they add calories fast).
    • When it comes to dessert, my rule is typically, if it’s homemade, I’m in! If it’s store bought, it’s usually not that special, could be loaded with artificial ingredients, and won't be worth the calories (not to mention the sugar induced brain fog the next day). 
  • Yes to Sunscreen
    • Wear sunscreen. I'll be doing a whole blog post on types of sunscreens to use soon, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, to prevent your summer from starting with a burn, choose SPF 30 or above and wear a hat. 
  • Living in the moment and practice gratitude
    • Holiday weekends can be full of family, friends, laughs, good food, drinks, sunshine, and can't forget the furry friends too... These things are not givens - they are privileges. In order to live in the moment and truly enjoy, we need to practice gratitude and give thanks for all of the happiness in our lives.
  • Do something for you (and ONLY YOU)
    • When's the last time you did something just for you? A massage, spa manicure (not the super quick, in and out of the shop kind), took a yoga class, meditated, journaled or done something to honor yourself and your body. Take at least 15 minutes at some point this weekend to do something just for you. It will impact your energy and attitude in so many ways. And those around you will notice too:)

Thank you for reading and I wish you a fabulous holiday weekend!


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