16 Acts of Kindness before the End of 2016

Do you get a little run down after a holiday weekend? Emotionally, physically, mentally drained? From a combination of stress and eating different foods, I know I feel depleted... Exercise and eating my greens help me replenish energy, but so does reconnecting with myself and doing nice things for other people. So... 

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya inspired me to do an “acts of kindness” challenge! Emiliya is an awesome woman I met this summer at Camp GLP - she’s a positive psychology expert, founder of the Flourishing Center in NYC and has channeled her story of past struggles into many different constructive actions to help others.  

She did a “32 acts of kindness before her 32nd birthday challenge,” so I’ve decided to challenge myself to complete "16 acts of kindness before the end of 2016."

3.5 days, 16 acts of kindness.

Woot Woot! For those looking to do a little 2016 gratitude reflection, creating a list like this is a great way to do it (even if you don't plan on doing all the things). Here’s my plan:

  1. Hand-write personalized New Year’s letters to 8 special friends about a 2016 memory we shared together, and why I’m grateful for them (write Wednesday, deliver by Saturday)
  2. Prepare hostess presents for the 3 fabulous ladies throwing my roaring 20s NYE party (prep on Friday, deliver Saturday night)
  3. Give Walter, the Streetwise man outside Treasure Island (who’s SO sweet to my pup) a note and a Starbucks card (write on Weds/deliver on Friday)
  4. Thank you notes to WeWork staff who make my office an extra special place to work (write on Weds/deliver on Thursday)
  5. Write a “you matter” letter and on leave it on someone’s windshield (put in a zip lock bag b/c of rain and put it there on Wednesday)
  6. Make New Year’s energy bites for my 8 of my neighbors and Peter, our on-demand always helpful, maintenance man (prep on Friday, deliver on Saturday)
  7. Gratitude Facebook posts to a few people who have made my year extra special (send on NYE)
  8. Carry dog treats with me for the rest of the year, for doggies I meet at WeWork or on walks (take the extra pack I have above my fridge)
  9. Donate clothes to salvation army (drop off Friday at Laura's building)
  10. 16 free hugs in River North on my lunch break on Thursday (I’ll be holding a sign - eek a little nervous about this one)
  11. Submit my donation for the mental health benefit (Wednesday)
  12. Write notes to 4 incredible yoga instructors who have created space for me to slow down, reflect, grow and connect with my mind and body. (give to them in class on Friday, Saturday and Monday, and email one of them because she's out of the country for awhile!)
  13. Send a handwritten note to my coach - he's super awesome. (Wednesday)
  14. Send a note to a woman I find really inspiring and thank her for what she does (Wednesday)
  15. Send a note to 2 mentors I haven't talked to in awhile - they've both been incredibly generous and wonderful people I want to keep in touch with (Wednesday)
  16. Take 2 hours to brainstorm what I want 2017 to be focused on personally and professionally - it's important for us to be kind to ourselves too. Making space for vision is key! (Friday) :)

Happy almost 2017 - I hope this inspires you to reflect on 2016 and give thanks for all of the positive things in your life.




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