Baby... It is REALLY Cold Outside!

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Hi loves!

Happy Holidays! Baby... it is COLD outside! All I want are warm, comfort foods and for my cozy down comforter to follow me wherever I go!

This is a busy time of year for a lot of us... Let's make living healthy a bit easier this holiday season. I've jam packed this post with time savers, recipes to help you eat well, tips to keep the stress in check and overall empower you to feel your best this holiday season.

Sending you tons of love (and warmth)!!!!



Save Time: One Healthy Recipe - 3 ideas!

Warm up with my 8 Ingredient Winter Vegan Chili!

  • Gifts: Be a thoughtful friend and pack ingredients as gifts in mason jars. Dress it up with these cute snowflake ribbons and place it in a brown paper gift bag (these are nice because you can use them year round and make them festive with different ribbons).
  • Lunch/Dinner: Throw ingredients in a crockpot for an easy weeknight dinner or lunch at the office.
  • Dinner in a month or next week: Double the recipe so you can freeze the extras and have easy, healthy go-to meals during those busy weeks when there just isn't time to cook! These storage containers are my fave.

Eat Well: Party Apps

These 3 easy, super cute nutritious and delicious recipes will be a big hit at your holiday party and keep you from eating too many sweets! 

Stress Check: Free App

Keep your stress in check by taking a break with one of my favorite meditation apps. Do this twice/day for at least 5 minutes and you'll notice yourself feeling more centered, productive, mindful, and lower stress. If you love this, consider purchasing a HeadSpace subscription to take it to the next level.

Feel Good: My Top 8 Holiday Survival Tips 

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