I'm grateful for you...

Hi friends -

It's been an uncomfortable, fear-inducing time in our country. Fear is an emotion that has a purpose - it exists to protect us, but it can also be debilitating. It can easily run our lives, impact our decisions and negatively effect our health.

This week, it's more important than ever to take a moment to shift our perspective and give thanks for all that we do have. We live in a country where we can take action, speak our minds and stand up for what we believe. So instead of remaining inside our heads or using words and social media platforms to express anger and disgust, let's take action. And when we take action, let's come from a place of gratitude vs. a place of fear. It's a simple mindset shift that can reduce anger and increase openness.

If you are feeling powerless and fearful, I encourage you this holiday season to take some sort of empowering action - whether it's volunteering your time, donating money, getting educated about a topic, or talking to your congress(wo)man, do something to reduce that fear. What if you take a break from Facebook or watching the news? And instead focus on something positive... What would happen?

I am grateful for a lot. But I am most grateful for my health, my supportive family and friends, and a career I absolutely love. You are part of that of that career love. You either read my articles, comment on my posts, refer friends to me, or you share parts of your life with me. It all keeps me going and fuels my excitement for the future. For all of that, I thank you.

I wish you a delicious, comforting & relaxing Thanksgiving.

Much love and gratitude,