Avoiding the Thanksgiving (Food) Hangover: My Top 5 tips

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, WOOT WOOT!!! And with it brings seemingly unlimited opportunity for cocktails, desserts, warm, comfort foods and hibernation (aka little physical activity).

Aside from drinking alcohol on Turkey Day/evening, as a culture, we overeat, A LOT. And that drives what I call:

The "food hangover."

You wake up Friday morning either so full you could pop or you feel starving, like you haven't eaten in days?!? When this happens to me, I typically fall into the starving category and all I want is more pie. What's wrong with pumpkin pie "slivers" for breakfast? There is nothing seriously wrong with eating pie for breakfast, but it's the endless cycle of pie "slivers," mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.. etc... that becomes increasingly difficult to say no to throughout the weekend.

Then we go back to work on Monday and the holiday season is in full swing! Cookies, cakes, holiday parties, happy hours... Bring on the weight gain! Boom! Sound familiar? Let's change the cycle this year...

Below are my top 5 tips to prevent your Thanksgiving meal from turning into a waist line "hang-over:"

  1. Give thanks for what you DO have: Holidays can be stressful; food and alcohol are especially comforting and take the edge off. Unfortunately, that comfort is temporary. And what's worse is that eating our feelings causes guilt, which can trigger a vicious cycle of emotional eating. Start your day by focusing inward... on your self-worth and gratitude. When you do feel the stress come on, instead of stuffing yourself, go outside for fresh air and breathe! 

  2. Eat a balanced breakfast: we're inclined to eat the bare minimum on Thanksgiving Day to leave room for the BIG meal. But that causes us to overeat and seriously stretch our poor stomachs. Go for something in the morning like oatmeal with fruit, nut butter/nuts/seeds. Or an omelet filled with your favorites veggies + some avocado! Keep your meals as normal as possible up until the big meal so that you set yourself up with a little more self-control. 

  3. Drink water: Water fills you up and will also keep you more mindful about what you’re eating and drinking. 

  4. 1 plate rule: Eat one plate of everything your heart desires for dinner and then 1 plate for dessert (no, this doesn't mean to use the dinner plate for dessert ;)). This might feel depriving at first, but think about how much better you will feel tomorrow!!! Getting your mind to think more about quality over quantity will drive dividends in your eating habits all year long.

  5. Chew and Savor Your Food - seems simple, right? Most of us chew, but do we really taste it? Or do we shovel it in? Do we savor the flavors? Take time to enjoy and be mindful of how delicious a food is. It will help you enjoy and make it easier to say no to overeating. 

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy the deliciousness and I wish you a (food) hangover-free Friday:).



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