Sugar high? Avoid the crash...


Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite holidays. We get to dress up and be whoever we want to be - scary, sexy, cute, cuddly, ferocious, funny, etc... And it's a day to indulge... mainly in candy! Almond Joys, Kit Kats, Snickers, M&M's and my favorite, Reese's Pieces.

We can also associate the day with guilt and overdoing it.

It's ok to indulge. It's not ok to make ourselves sick.

But it's easy to make ourselves nauseous really fast if we're not careful. And then it's also easy to keep the candy around for the next few days and let it sabotage our meals for the rest of our week. We tend to get in the slippery slope mindset of, well "I screwed up yesterday, so let's indulge today. And tomorrow. And the next day." Etc...

Research also suggests that a) sugar may be addictive, so aside from it tasting good, chemicals in our body make it extra difficult to say no to more. And b) sugar/fructose doesn't activate our "I'm full" hormones called leptin, so if it seems like you could eat sugar forever and never feel full, you're not nuts. We typically don't stop until we feel ill and then feel guilty and uncomfortable that we ate until nausea.

5 tips to prevent sugar highs/crashes and getting back on track tomorrow:

  • Today: Try and be mindful as you snack on your candy. Savor the yumminess and chew A LOT. Don't let guilt override the pleasure - enjoy each bite.
  • Today: Drink water in between each sugary item, which will help you feel full (especially if the candy is low in fat, fiber, and protein - aka, many types of candy.
  • Tomorrow: Eat a healthy, satisfying breakfast. If you arrive at work hungry, you're most likely going to crave sugar (especially if you had a lot of it on Halloween and there's most likely a bowl of it sitting within 5 feet of you). Have a lunch plan that incorporates healthy fats from nuts and seeds and/or avocado. This will help you stay full and satisfied in the afternoon (when the sugar craving could return). Keep drinking water!
  • Tomorrow: Have a sweet, clean snack ready for the afternoon, if you're hungry and craving sweetness. RX bars are a great option.
  • Tomorrow: If you have a lot of additional candy at home, you may need to get it out of your house to prevent the Kit Kat/Netflix nights from continuing. Donate

Hope this helps you feel good this week!



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