I Gotta (GUT) Feeling!!!

How's your tummy feeling today? 


This month, my book club read the book, “Gut, The Inside Story of our Body’s Most Underrated Organ,” by Giulia Enders. Enders' informative work is shedding light on a topic that is revolutionizing medicine - where doctors, health coaches and other healthcare professionals are focusing their attention when diagnosing and treating patients.

Here's what you need to know about your GUT:  

  • Contains more nerve endings than the central nervous system (aka the “Gut feeling” is totally real)

  • Made up of trillions of bacteria that grow, shrink, replicate and say ciao based on what we put into our bodies (i.e. food, drinks, medication, and any other nutritious substances you ingest)

  • Eating as many colors of the rainbow as possible is the best way to keep your gut healthy (i.e. fruits and veggies, but also pre and probiotic rich foods like fermented tempeh, nuts, olive oil, yogurt and legumes)

  • “Food” packaged in a bag or box is most likely negatively impacting your gut health 

    • You really are what you eat – choose these packaged/processed items in moderation

    • This “food” ends up in your gut and since it has very limited nutritional value, your body doesn’t know what to do with it other than make you feel sick 

    • It can negatively impact mood, skin, sleep quality, body and headaches, weight, cognition, energy levels and many others

If you are experiencing reoccurring health issues or are concerned about gut health, make an appointment with a family, holistic, integrative, or functional medical doctor who can diagnose the root cause of your symptoms. He or she may recommend a gut restoration diet. Sound overwhelming? It can be, but I'm here to help make the change fun and easy! 

Please email me at liz@liztraines.com if you need doctor referrals or to develop a customized diet plan that will allow you to live your best life! Nutrition is the foundation of optimal health and you deserve to feel your best.

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