Get Moving and Find Exercise that Works for You!

Happy Friday all! Did you sweat it out to these videos with your momma in the 80s/90s? I did. Or at least watched the madness. Working out has changed a lot since then and we have a lot more variety; thank goodness, but we have to thank Jane for guiding us along the path (and note that she still looks AMAZING)! 

This week I was so thankful to try out two different forms of alternative exercise for extremely reasonable prices: Daybreaker dancing and yoga workout and Techno/Glow Stick Yoga! I had a BLAST and felt so energized after each one of them (see bottom of post for photos and details). But it really got me thinking about how important it is to have fun, and at least crack a smile or two while exercising.

Do you like exercising? Maybe.

Do you like the way you feel after a workout? Probably.

Is getting yourself to the gym emotionally/mentally painful? For many people it is.

Do you loathe the idea of getting on the treadmill or elliptical machine and doing the same old workout?  If this is you, you are not alone.

Some of us look forward to exercise and the benefits it provides us (stress reduction, better sleep, longevity, disease prevention, increase in energy, endorphin release, weight loss/stabilization, muscle tone, and all around feeling good)!

Many of us are well aware of how beneficial exercise can be for our bodies, minds, and souls, but for many reasons, we don’t prioritize it:

  • You’re bored with a workout routine
  • You’re tired after a long day
  • The weather isn’t conducive to the workout you want to do today
  • You didn’t eat much today, so you don’t need to workout
  • You don’t have a gym
  • Gyms are too expensive
  • Working out around other people is intimidating (Hello, they're focused on their own workout, not on judging you and your level of sweatiness or brand of workout gear)

In order to sustain any part of your lifestyle, whether it be your diet, career, hobbies, exercise, friendships, love, etc… it must bring you happiness and fulfillment the majority of the time, otherwise, why would you do it? 

Au contraire, forcing yourself to do something you don’t like causes burnout and frustration.

We need to explore and discover the workout routine that is right for each of us. There is no one size fits all approach to exercise - some people love running, CrossFit or tabata, while others enjoy yoga, walking, or spinning.

For me, I've learned that variety and group settings are key (I love the group energy). I love walking my dog, doing yoga classes at least twice a week, and then aim for some combination of Barre, TRX, and weight conditioning classes at my gym for the rest of the week.  These work best for me and my schedule right now, but that can change as my stress levels and schedule evolve over time. It took some trial and error to figure out what worked best, but it was worth the effort. 

What works best for you? Any recommendations for those that need help? I hope this encourages you to get outside the box with your workout. If you need help brainstorming or to get moving, email me at to schedule a free consultation. We’ll work together to create a plan that works for you! 

Daybreaker: DJ, Dancing, Yoga, workout clothes @ The Chop Shop. We sipped Iced Coffee and Organic Protein Shakes. It all started at 6AM and went until 9AM. A BLAST.

The Daybreaker movement began in NYC to completely change the way we think about having a good time: the time of day, the attire, the food, the beverages, the entertainment, and the location. Everything except for the music. Learn more!

Techno Glow Stick Yoga: My awesome friend Charlotte found this on Dabble. The instructor starts you with a Yoga flow sequence for about 15 minutes, and then, the lights dim. The music gets louder. You start making your own dance sequence to some awesome beats. I sweated. I danced. No one judged my awesome dance moves. I stretched. I had fun. Namaste. Learn More!

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