Out of Work? Let's add structure to your day so you can make progress and stay sane!

Out of Work? Let's add structure to your day so you can make progress and stay sane!

You're out of work. You were either laid off, fired, or you've CHOSEN to take time off. Whatever your situation, you've decided to be super intentional about your next move so you don't end up repeating history and being miserable at work, yet again. 

Maybe it's entrepreneurship? Freelancing? Smaller Company? Bigger company? A combination of passion projects? Whatever it may be, you're committed to making the next move the right one. And that involves a combination of self-reflection, inspiration, expanding your  perspective, following your gut intuition, and quieting the fear that gets in the way of pursuing the thing you love.

The day I realized my obsessive saving habits we're keeping me from living...

The day I realized my obsessive saving habits we're keeping me from living...

2014 was coming to a close. I was just over 7 years into my corporate finance career, making more money than I thought possible at age 29. I was well into the 6-figures, by no means a millionaire, but my financial advisor projected I'd have a $20M net worth when it came time to retire at age 65. 

In other words, my savings habits + compounding interest would be WAY more than enough to live on and eventually make me a millionaire! 

Want real work flexibility? Here are my 5 tips!

Want real work flexibility? Here are my 5 tips!

There are perks and downsides to being part of a large company as well as working for yourself. For me, the flexibility and satisfaction that comes with running my own mission-driven company have vastly outweighed the perks I once loved in corporate job. But entrepreneurship didn't feel that way immediately; sure, I was loving my work and clients, but from a lifestyle perspective, it took time for me to unlearn my corporate America habits, the things I had never even thought could be different. 

Quit the balancing act and try THIS to improve your well-being!

Quit the balancing act and try THIS to improve your well-being!

You've heard the term, work/life balance for years, if not decades. Research suggested (and maintains) today that we need balance in order to stay healthy, prevent burnout, increase our sense of belonging in society and improve our overall life satisfaction.

In other words, we're talking about increasing our overall well-being. 

I most definitely agree with this notion of balance and all the other labels like harmony, integration, and flexibility thrown around these days.

But, after reading tons of books, applying recommendations to my own life, and currently helping people struggling to "balance" work and life. as a coach and consultant, frankly, I rarely find myself using the word balance, nor striving for it in my own life.

The Dark Reality of an Identity Crisis (and how to get through it)

Are you having an identity crisis? Or maybe you've had one in the past?

I have. It's awful. Scary. Lonely. Out of control feeling, like a hurricane of uncertainty. And you can't avoid it. Wherever you turn, you feel empty and lost.

I called it career burnout when it happened to me, over and over again, but now, in hindsight, I believe it was an identity crisis. Something inside me was telling me I needed to change; I wasn't living in alignment with my values. 

Tips to Navigate an Identity Crisis

Tips to Navigate an Identity Crisis

You're kicking butt in your current career, moving up the corporate ladder, enjoying the perks that come with it, not to mention, the praise you receive from your friends and family. On one hand, you are damn successful! But one day, you start to feel like something is missing. You can't put your finger on it. And as much as you try to push it aside, the feeling just won't go away!

Do you believe?

You want a change... whether it's about making more money, getting to the next level at work, making a bigger impact on the world, being respected by your coworkers, etc... But do you truly believe, deep in your heart, clear in your mind, you can achieve what you want? Do you have a vision of what that looks and feels like?

If yes, awesome. Otherwise, follow this 3 step process to make sure you're set up for success.

Burned... out...

This week, I'm talking about burnout. It's been a few months since we last talked about it, and as we all entered 2018, we had high hopes, renewed energy and goals we wanted to accomplish. Maybe it was weight loss, drinking more water, taking time to reflect and plan our weeks, visit family more often, etc...

Whatever it was, setting and achieving the goals is awesome; feeling like you're missing the mark is not. It doesn't feel good. It gives us a sense of not being good enough. A feeling of hopelessness, failure, maybe laziness, or a lack of willpower.

I'm here to tell you, you've got it all reversed. You most definitely are none of these things! You're indeed the exact opposite.

Wanting more, But feeling Shame and Guilt?

There can be so much shame, guilt and uncertainty around wanting more in life (and if you know me, you know I'm not talking from a material possession standpoint)... 

But why then, when something deep in your gut/soul/intuition (whatever you want to call that voice) tells you there's something bigger, more impactful, exciting, meaningful, purposeful out there for you, do you experience such discomfort?