Liz Traines is a certified career and lifestyle coach who empowers young professionals to pursue careers they love, by identifying what gives them purpose.

Purpose --> Fulfillment --> Peace on Earth

"When we purposefully choose how we spend our time each day, we feel fulfilled. Fulfilled people are kinder, more loving and empathetic. These qualities drive awareness of human equality, our similarities over our differences, driving more peace on our planet."

Through Liz's retreats, group & one-on-one coaching programs, writing, speaking engagements and interactive corporate workshops, she combines intimate stories with scientific research to inspire and support personal transformation.

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Prior to starting her coaching business, Liz spent 8 years at a global consulting firm. She moved up the corporate ladder, quickly became an executive, made a lucrative salary with many shiny perks, and took on a wide variety of leadership roles within the organization. In other words, on paper, she was kicking butt!

However, around year 4 of her career, she felt there was something missing.

But what was it? She was living what society told her success and happiness looked like. She decided to ignore the feeling and continue focusing on being the best she could be in her job. She started to feel stuck, which subsequently led to a host of problems:

  • Periodic phases of burnout

  • Constant fatigue and high stress

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety & depression and even panic attacks

  • Focusing on material possessions to make her happy

  • Neglecting hobbies like cooking and art

Grateful in hindsight, a wakeup call in Liz's life put an end to the cycle and became her catalyst for change. She started to realize that life was too short to live this way and knew there had to be better. She dreamed of living life on her terms, redefining her personal version of success, and to start making a more meaningful impact in people's lives. 

Not knowing what that new life and career would look like, Liz committed to a 3+ year journey of self-discovery. From volunteering on a Northern California vineyard to starting a journaling practice, going to therapy, and reading many personal development books, she not only transformed her mindset, but built a vast repertoire of skills and experiences that led to her to live a career and lifestyle she absolutely loves today.

Liz now leverages scientific research, her holistic wellness certification and real life experiences to empower her clients to transform their careers and life visions into reality (much faster than she did)!

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What Clients Are Saying About Liz

"Liz has a knack for helping people discover what they ultimately want to be." - Ian S.

"Liz is understanding, motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and all around easy and fun to talk to. Validated me as a person and made me feel like I could achieve my goals. Thank you!" - Kathy N.

"Liz's process requires being 'all in.' We quickly established trust, and as a result felt comfortable sharing current fears, self-doubts, etc. Just by sharing all of that, it helped me process what I've gone through to understand where I need to go." - Dessa B.

"Liz will walk you through some tough stuff - but make you feel happy and joyful about a tough process." - Caiti M.