WORK WITH ME: 1 on 1

Program details:

  • 3 months (12 (1) hour weekly sessions) over Zoom or locally in Chicago River North neighborhood

  • On-going email Access

  • Homework in between sessions

  • Investment: $3,300 if paid in full
    Payment Plans available

My biggest result is a new confidence in myself.
— Rachel, mom & new business owner

You’re ready for a change in your career, and quite frankly, in your life. You’re done pretending that your work frustrations don’t seep in your personal life & vice versa - it all goes together. You’re sick (literally and figuratively) of the same old daily grind. You go through cycles of burnout that are unsustainable, and YOU ARE SO DONE LIVING YOUR LIFE THIS WAY. It’s exhausting, unfulfilling, unhealthy and you’re worried you’ll be living this unhappy life forever. I’m here to tell you, a much better life exists for you and I want to help!

Say goodbye to your old ways, and hello to:

  • Regaining control of your time and your life!

  • Clarity of where you’re going at work and in life - and how you can get there!

  • Meaningful work, whether you change careers, or decide to stay right where you are.

  • Doing things you love again, you know, that stuff you don’t have time for now?

  • Less stress, better sleep, more joy!

  • More money (if you want it;))!

Are you ready to go all-in on your goals and start living the life you want!?

I don’t believe it’s fair to expect anyone else to have the answers, but I do believe that as long as we are exploring it with people like you, answers will unfold, AND YOU LIZ, are great at unfolding. I’ve reached all my goals!
— MAUREEN, marketing professional turned writer & grad student
I want to thank you for everything you did for me last year. Breaking through my fear, letting go of the past and rebuilding my confidence seemed like an impossible task. But I did it! I got 2 great job offers, negotiated confidently on both, and chose the one that best aligns with me! THANK YOU! <3
— Stephanie, Operations executive