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Are You Ready for a Career Change?


Certified Career and Lifestyle Coach, Liz Traines, empowers young professionals to pursue careers they love, by identifying what gives them purpose.

Purpose --> Fulfillment --> Peace on Earth

Through Liz's retreats, group & one-on-one coaching programs, writing, speaking engagements and interactive corporate workshops, she combines intimate stories with scientific research to inspire and support personal transformation.

Learn how Liz's own career journey plays a pivotal role in how she helps her clients.


What Clients Are Saying About Liz


"Liz has a knack for helping people discover what they ultimately want to be." - Ian S.

"Liz is understanding, motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and all around easy and fun to talk to. Validated me as a person and made me feel like I could achieve my goals. Thank you!" - Kathy N.

"Liz's process requires being 'all in.' We quickly established trust, and as a result felt comfortable sharing current fears, self-doubts, etc. Just by sharing all of that, it helped me process what I've gone through to understand where I need to go." - Dessa B.

"Liz will walk you through some tough stuff - but make you feel happy and joyful about a tough process." - Caiti M.