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I'm Thinking About a Career 180

I want to learn how Liz can help me create a career that fits my strengths, interests, and desired lifestyle. I want to feel confident that my next move is a great one. 

I'm an Entrepreneur at Heart

I want to learn how Liz can empower me to take the leap, from being an employee to starting my own business. I want to utilize my greatest strengths and interests and truly love my work.

"I redesigned my career to make BOTH my family AND me happy!" 

"After working with Liz, I gained clarity on what I wanted to prioritize: my love of dance. I thought that after having a baby, I would quit dancing, but I realized there's NO reason to! I'm now dancing more and am in three upcoming shows! I quit my desk job and I'm not only making more money, but I'm so much happier being a mom AND a ballerina and dance teacher. It's all been so rewarding! My son, Sammy, loves coming to rehearsal and is even invited to my curtain call/bows for the production of Cinderella! He makes his stage debut this month. Thank you, Liz!"

- Jessica, Professional Dancer




Liz Traines is a career and lifestyle coach who empowers young professionals to pursue careers they love, by identifying what gives them purpose.

Coupling her managerial and training experience from an 8-year career at Accenture with a values & strengths based approach to living, Liz helps her clients to rebuild their careers using a variety of mindfulness tools and techniques. Each program is customized to the individual, from evaluating the root cause of their current challenges to building a strong foundation for sustained success.  

She holds her Wellness Coaching certification from the Institute of Integration in New York and a B.A. in Finance from Boston University.