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thinking about a Career 180?

You've invested a lot of time and money into your education and current career. You've got focus and great work ethic that have allowed you to climb the corporate ladder and become financially successful. But there's something big missing and you're not seeing a good solution in your current profession. You dream of more excitement and meaning in your career. Something you look forward to each day. We'll work together to create a plan and achieve your dream career 180!


Looking to Pivot?

You like a lot of aspects of your current career, but you know it can be better. Maybe you're looking for more autonomy, balance, growth opportunities or perspective? You need help getting there because there's not enough time in the day to figure it all out. We'll work together to evaluate what you've done, generate ideas, a plan, and results all with a goal of ensuring your next move is a satisfying one.  

Entrepreneur at heart?

You're creative, driven and passionate (not to mention you're pretty damn smart). You've got a business idea (or maybe a bunch of them), but you're not sure which one to choose or how to start. Do you quit your day job to pursue the idea? Do you start a side hustle? Or do wait until the "stars align?" We'll work together to achieve clarity, build a plan, and ultimately drive revenue for your new business. And we'll do it all without compromising your lifestyle or well-being. 

My Story



I thought I was going to be a broadcast journalist when I applied for college. Katie Couric was my idol. I wanted to interview fascinating people and ignite my curiosity to learn more about humans. However, fears of a 4AM news shift in Fargo, ND and not making "enough" money redirected me to my first career in corporate finance. At the ripe age of 21, with a desire to be a strong, independent woman, climbing the corporate ladder to a six-figure salary job sounded pretty exciting!

It was fun and shiny at first, but the luster wore off pretty quickly. "Financial success," owning a condo and shopping for whatever I wanted didn't feel so fulfilling when all I wanted to do in my free time was sleep and watch The Real Housewives of NY. 

Why was I so tired? Why did I feel so empty and lost when I did everything society told me to do to be successful?

Read on to learn how I ended up becoming a career and lifestyle coach!